Monday, March 24, 2014

Beach Body Shaming

I am having the great pleasure of going to Florida for two weeks in April. I am beyond excited and happy to be with my family so I do not need to fell the stares of others as I bask on the beach in my full body bathing suit. Today I saw a magazine which I am sure you have all seen entitled "best and worst beach bodies." Now I am a person who enjoys being mad at society for the pressures they put on women but I refuse to buy these magazines and feed to their ratings. Yes "Star" I would LOVE to see bad beach bodies that are not only beautiful but way tighter and smaller than mine. Like I said however, I like to get angry so I decided today for some reason to look up "beach bodies" on the internet and thought I would share the horrifying things that I found.

Needless to say the captions of the photos were written by assholes and not myself. I leave you with anger..

Josie Gibson aka the bikini killer was papped running (amazed she can) along the beach in Spain and she looked like a fucking pig with cellulite.

Are her boobs and beauty enough to make up for her bad built body?

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