Saturday, March 8, 2014

That was fun, now lets get Chinese Food

It only took about two minutes after leaving the hospital after my gastric sleeve surgery for me to want Chinese food. Can you really blame me though? I mean that stuff is amazing. The amount of oil left on your chin after your first bite is miraculous. I should back up though. 

I decided that I wanted to get weight loss surgery in October of 2013 and after several months of pretending I was dieting and then REALLY making life changes I was finally ready. I had my sleeve gastrectomy on March 4th 2014 at Newton Wellesley Hospital and spent the next 3 days recovering there. The pain meds were great but the nurses and my family's support were better. I returned home in pretty good shape minus the 6 holes I now have in my stomach which make it quite painful to walk. I haven't showered in 3 days but who really needs it anyway. Thats what deodorant is for right? At least I can pee on my own! Poop is a different story but we won't go there now. 

As I rest at home being both waited on and nagged by the mother about the amount of water I have failed to drink today, I have decided to write this blog. My decision to get surgery was very heavily weighed (no pun intended) on others bloggers journeys through this experience. I hope to be writing often as I am only on day 3 at home and have already finished all episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and am only 3 episodes away from finishing What Not to Wear

If any of you ever have topics you want me to touch upon as I share this journey please comment and let me know. For now I will leave you with my before picture.. good luck


  1. Hi! I was sleeved February 24, and for me it was pizza. For days, that was all I thought about!

  2. Right?! I started thinking of ways to put pizza in a blender and still make it taste amazing. Not happening

  3. You should write a book!! Your writings are amazing, amusing, and informative. Good luck on your journey.:) Granny

  4. Hi Lee, I had my plication and lap band Febr.5th. I have lost 16 pounds. I'm really discouraged. Will you please share one day of your menu with me, amts etc. My surgeon says I am to eat three meals a day, and nothing in between. I love Dr. Atkins dark chocolate protein drinks and the 100 calorie Muscle Milk prot. choc . drink. 15gm. of prot. in each 8 ounce drink. I feel wonderful and have since the 2nd day post op.I look forward to reading your blogs :) Granny