Monday, March 17, 2014

Green for St Patricks Day!

Disclaimer: this is gross

This morning I woke up to the sun in my face and the sweet sounds of lambs in the barn. I then looked down and my incisions as they were starting to itch and saw green puss dripping out of one of them. I of course was horrified and convinced that my insides were falling out. So clearly I did the best thing for it and began to squeeze all the puss out. Icky. I then ran downstairs to my mother and told her I was dying to which she laughed and told me to put neosporin on it. Clearly she did not understand the severity of my condition. I then texted my father who is a nurse who told me the same thing. HA I will not let you people tell me to sit by as I puss to death in my room!! I then told my friend who said "Haha your stomach must know it is St. Patricks day!"

Dear followers, if I do not write tomorrow I have drown in green puss from my insides falling out of my body. Know that I have loved you all and it has been a honor.

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