Thursday, March 13, 2014

14lbs baby!

I just went to my first post-op appointment after what felt like the longest day of my life as I have been waiting to find out how much I lost until I was there. I did this because as all good scales do, the one at my house is lighter than I actually am. Now scale, I love ya, but sometimes you lie a bit too much. Anyway, as I have said before my surgery was on March 4th and my pre-op appointment was February 26th which was the last time I saw weighed. I went in today and to my surprise I have lost 14 pounds!! What?! This can't possibly be true. I know that Jarred Letto said he lost weight for his role in Dallas Buyers Club by eating baby food but who knew it actually worked on "normal" people! To make things even better the nurse told me that since I started this whole process I have lost 22 pounds. I could have fainted.

Today's blog is short and sweet as I am currently watching Man vs. Food (or in other words torturing myself) and I am drooling too much on the keyboard. 6lb burrito?! YES PLEASE! For those who are struggling today just keep pushing, I promise it is worth it. Even if I don't get to eat a triple cheese burger with spicy aioli and pickles.

- Kisses from a happy 14lb lighter lady 

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