Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Run! Food is everywhere!!

Today I went on one of my first outings into the outside world to a book store with my brother. Immediately as we walked in, there was a miraculous table filled with books on baking. Now I know my blog is titled running from cupcakes but I must be honest this was the first time I physically ran away from cupcakes. "Cupcakes for every one" you say? False, unless you blend one up, hmmm... no no that would be gross. Frosting is smooth enough right?! Ok I am reigning myself in here. 

I never realized how much food is advertised in our society. Another stop I made was Old Navy. Safe I thought, just wonderful clothes and no food. WRONG! At every register there are mounds of chocolate calling my name.. Yes somehow they all knew my name. It is not as if these chocolates just appeared since my last Old Navy shopping spree, I just never noticed it until they were ripped from my precious hands. And another one, Cicis pizza replays over and over again on my TV screen. $5 Pizza buffet! All of a sudden I must go right now! How did I never pay attention to this before... I mean $5 + pizza + all you can eat? Heaven, pure heaven. 

I mentally started making lists of everything I would eat once I could chew again: cupcakes (duh), pizza, thai food, chinese food, Pasta, grilled cheese. Then I realized that was what brought me here. As I look at myself in the mirror and on the scale I see the pounds slowly dropping. I feel the excitement of having my first post-op appointment tomorrow to see how much I have really lost. I mean who needs all that junk food really when you can loose the weight?! 

HA if only it were that simple 


  1. I never been more aware of Cadbury Mini Eggs as I am now. Please, sweet Jesus, let the Easter season pass quickly….

  2. Have you seen the commercials where the chocolate bunny some how miraculously mates with peanut butter and creates those amazing reeses eggs. I would PAY to eat one of those. Who will take $10? $20?

  3. My surgery was 2/18. I can totally relate to the food commercials. Of course right now I'm watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives... I struggled with Valentine's candies and the pre-op diet. Right now I might let you borrow my first born for a jelly bean!

  4. I LOVE watching that show!! (I am actually doing it right now). haha you are too funny! People see me watching this show and they think I am sick for making myself watch it. Hurts so gooood