Sunday, March 9, 2014

I just want to chew

Today I am feeling like a dog that desperately needs a chew toy. I am 5 days post-op and while I have had no problems with hunger I am starting to miss the act of chewing. This is definitely one of those days that reminds you that this is a life change. Now I do want people to know that the diet I am currently on (2oz of blended food every 2 hours) is only for the first month. After I get the "ok" from my doctor I will be granted the joy of chewing once again! For now however, I think hopefully that there must be a way to puree a pancake. Best part of my however was making a peanut butter banana and chocolate protein shake smoothie!!

Thoughts of a crazy food addict: 
- What if I just suck on the garlic bread. Then I wouldn't really be chewing!
- What would pureed Wanton Soup taste like? Maybe I could just smooth up the dumpling and eat it.
- Pureed cheese and pizza sauce?

For the meantime I will lounge on the couch while watching the food network.. This seems productive don't you think?

 I eat/drink two of these every 2 hours


  1. "Suck on garlic bread"????? I love it!!! I'm getting sleeved on March 27th and have lived your blog. Keep it up!!!

  2. Thanks! Good luck on your surgery!