Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dear Target, I thought we were friends

I had decided after surgery that I would not be buying new clothes until I had lost a good amount of weight. Things changed however when I got an interview for Graduate school (I know Im kind of a big deal) and decided yoga pants would not quite be appropriate. Don't get me wrong, I tried putting a fancy sweater on top of my yoga pants both my friends and boyfriend seemed quite horrified. SO I decided to go to Target to look for dress pants since they usually have a nice plus size section. I am slightly addicted to shopping so I put the fact that I would be spending money on a pair of pants I will hopefully not fit in to again in the back of my mind.

My boyfriend and I talked in Target and I went straight to the section that usually has plus sized clothes. I searched and searched and all I saw was maternity. Am I now supposed to pretend that I am fat because I am pregnant? I asked one of the sales associates where the plus size section was. She then told me that they were reorganizing the store so it would not be set up until next week. This confused me since every other section was set up. I asked her about this and she stated once again that they were not done setting up the store. She promised that it would be up next week. The problem is lady that I don't really care, I want it to not be the ONLY section that is not put out. Maternity, juniors, bikinis, women's active wear, lingerie, everything else was there. I am a person too and I will not be looked over! So kindly go to your room and think about what you just did.

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