Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Florida: My Mistress

I have been gone for so long and I miss you!! The past few weeks I have been tanning my flub in Florida and made the interesting decision of not bringing my computer. I made this decision in order to allow myself to relax, which it did, however there were so many things I wanted to share with you all while I was there! I shall now attempt to tell you these things without writing a 10 page long post. 

1) Bathing suits: After treating myself to an amazing smoothie, of which I had to painfully throw out after a few small sips due to being too full, I decided it was time to buy a new bathing suit for Florida. At this point I have lost about 40lbs so I figured it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world right? WRONG! There is nothing like trying on bathing suits to make you want to binge on cheese cake. Damn that smoothie for filling me up!! 

2) Food is different in Florida: Once we got off the plane we decided to go to a grocery store to buy food since we were staying in a rental house.  My new favorite food, thanks to one of my amazing friends, is Hood Cottage Cheese with Chives. So I go to the grocery store and head straight to the cottage cheese section and there is NO HOOD!! who doesn't sell hood?! I think that this must be a mistake and run over to my father and demand that he ask someone if they have hood in the back. He then informs me that because it is a different state there is different food. This is ridiculous, doesn't Florida know how incredible the mix of cottage cheese and chives is?! 

3) Easter: I decide to be the Easter Bunny this year so that I would not have the urge to eat the candy. I figured I would hide the candy and then watch my adorable 6 year old cousin Sophie run around the house looking for things. Part of this happened, the other part was my grandmother and I purposely hiding things hire than Sophie could reach so that we could all eat it later.... and we did 

There were so many other things I took notes about in my head to try to tell you guys but of course I forget all of them. Promise to write more!! Hope you all are well.

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