Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Recently I had a very scary incident where my eyes began to cross and everything became very blurry and I was having a hard time walking. I was convinced, as always, that I was going to die. I called my mother immediately to which she replied "Well your probably just going to become unconscious" I then of course being crying and she quickly told me that she meant I would probably faint. I have never fainted before and I was about to go to bed. "Mom in going to faint in my sleep and then die." My parents have gotten used to this so they simply chuckle at my anxieties. Not problem mom but if I don't call you tomorrow I have died in my sleep! Clearly this didn't happen, nor did I faint.

The next day I still felt very dizzy and decided to call the doctor to see what was going on. Her response was, "the first thing we tell you to do is drink. Why aren't you drinking?" I tried telling her that I had forgotten and that I was out all day and blah blah blah. "Well today you will not be eating you just need to drink peialyte." Clearly this was a punishment however I learned that pedialyt is actually not that bad when you mix it with water.

My message to you is DRINK WATER!! Put whatever you need in it if plain water gets boring but do not "become unconscious!!"


  1. Did you have to get IV fluids or were you able to drink away your dehydration? I was just sleeved on 3/27 and I thought I was getting enough fluids but I kinda feel blurry and weird today... Doc just told me to drink more.

    Can I just say how much I LOVE your blog???

  2. Sorry I have been away for so long and thanks for your comment! I was able to drink enough to get back to normal but it was hard and it has happened a few times since then. When I am not eating I am drinking. Buy a water bottle and never let it leave your side! Much like your phone (or my phone at least)