Thursday, June 12, 2014

Georgetown Cupcakes Fail

The diet fairy was clearly looking out for me the other day as I ventured near Georgetown cupcakes in DC. If you have never hear of this name before it is a reality show on TLC of just that, a cupcake store. Clearly it was one of my must see spots as my cousins and I explored DC this past week. On our way home from touring the beautiful Alexandria Virginia we decided to stop by the shop. My cousins was convinced that there would not be a long line despite their popular show. While I thought otherwise, I was silently praying that she was right. As we pulled infront of the store there seemed to be no one there which was amazing. As we turned the corner however there was a line 1 block long. Alas, my chance of sweet red velvet cupcakes had slipped through my fingers. Probably for the best. 

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