Saturday, May 3, 2014

Food on the Go

I spend a lot of my time out in the world whether it be at work, in my car, or at a friends house. I have found since surgery there is no more stopping to grab something at Panera Bread, not only because I am dirty poor, but because I can't finish any of the food there. (On a separate note I have decided to go Wheat free but I will talk about that at another time). I thought it might be helpful if I shared some of my food on the go tips and I hope that you can share yours in the comments below as well. 

1) Low fat cheese sticks 
2) Chobani yogurt  
3) Cottage cheese put into salad dressing tupperware (as seen on the right)
4) Water bottles everywhere! 1 for car, 1 for work, 1 for house. I tend to lose things so sometimes it is easier for me to have one dedicated to each spot I am in. 
5) cut up veggies in tupperwear 

A lot of people drink protein drinks at this point too. For me after the one month of solid protein drinks I never want to see one again. 

What are some foods that you like to eat on the go?

I have really found this size of "to go wear" great since it is basically the same size as my stomach now. I don't have these exact ones but if you go to any grocery store you will see ones that are meant for salad dressing and those are usually great. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your blog on - it seems great. I'm scheduled for vsg on June 30th- excited and scared too!

  2. Hope you had a successful surgery yesterday! Hope this blog helps you along the way. Feel free to reach out!